Palm Trees Direct From The Farm

ATF Nursery

Family owned and operated since 1998, providing palms and other ornamentals to area homes and businesses throughout Indian River County as well as Palm Bay, Micco, Valkaria and Grant.


Q. What kind of stuff do you have?

A. Mostly palm trees and mostly trees that don’t require heavy equipment to transplant. We usually have a few varieties of Arboricola, infrequently we have a few non-palm trees, and sometimes a few small cactus. We aren’t a full garden center, we’re mainly farmers that happen to sell palm trees to the public.

Q. Do you buy Palmetto berries?

A. NO, WE DON’T BUY BERRIES and we don’t know who does.

Q. Do you buy trees from homeowners?

A. No, we’re trying to retire and sell what we already have! Perhaps check with landscaping companies, if the tree is large you’ll need someone with equipment (and good insurance!).

Q. Do you sell fill dirt, potting soil, mulch, or rock?

A. No. Garden centers sell by the bag, for larger quantities look for trucking companies or businesses that sells landscape materials.

Q. Do you deliver and plant trees for homeowners?

A. If you’re local (Indian River and southern Brevard counties) we can sometimes deliver to your curb, price is based on distance. We aren’t able to plant anymore, but we might be able to hook you up with someone that does.

Q. Do you remove trees, stumps, and other landscaping?

A. No, we no longer do any on-site work.

Q. My palm tree has some sort of problem, can you help?

A. Sometimes. It’s often difficult to diagnose problems without inspecting in person. But, if you’d like to email or text photos to us we’re happy to try (there’s no charge). Please take several pictures at various angles, including some close-ups and wide shots, and provide a description of the problem (i.e., when you first noticed it, is the trunk soft in spots, are there holes in the wood, is the problem isolated to one tree, etc.)

Q. Do you sell trees to be transported out of state?

A. No. Transporting trees across state or country borders is highly regulated and, although we are inspected annually, it typically requires special inspection stickers that we don’t provide. Check with the National Plant Board for information (see below).


National Plant Board

For sites outside of Florida, transporting certain agricultural products across state or country borders may be regulated.  (Fire ants, canker, and lethal yellowing are just a few of the concerns inspectors watch for closely.)  Check the laws where you live before purchasing outside your area.  A visit to the National Plant Board should help.  Click on your state for a quarantine summary.

Florida Cooperative Extension Service

The University of Florida administers the Extension Service, a multi-agency cooperative effort that provides information to the public as well as commercial growers, scientists and educators. For more information and a list of county offices visit Florida Extension Service.